Who we are

Storie is a boutique striving to preserve and promote exquisite, sustainable craft heritage. We specialise in ancient textile traditions, and seek out at risk crafts to develop products which will help sustain, and evolve craft tradition whilst empowering local artisan communities.

We work with artists, designers and artisans, to bring our clients the most beautiful craft we can find, to nurture craft traditions, cultural heritage, sustainable models of production and to support the creative people making these goods.

Storie EU
Storie EU
Storie EU

Storie is a concept

Every object has a story, and we want to share those stories with you. Our founder Fiona Cameron was a news journalist before opening her business, she studied philosophy and grew up travelling the world with her family. Working with craft, and artisan communities around the world is a way to create a conversation about culture, society and to open up new world views.

Fiona’s travels gave her a taste for the sublime. Her curiosity created an obsession about the origins of objects, and so Storie was born on a bustling street on Paris' famous left bank.

Together with her art director and filmmaking partner, Fabien Fournier, through Storie Fiona brings craft stories alive, promoting handicraft culture, sustainable production practices, and a new conscientious consumerism.

Storie is an online shop

sharing craft heritage stories across global communities of people who care about how things are made, who made the products, and who want to invest in cultural patrimony.

Storie was a physical shop

that opened its first boutique in Paris in spring 2011, at 20 Rue Delambre in the neighbourhood of Montparnasse. Fiona Cameron and her team of fabulous craft lovers worked here until the store closed its permanent physical space in 2020. Since then we’ve opened pop ups and collaborations across the capital and the country. Today, we are focussed on developing our reach in France and around the globe through our website www.storieshop.com, shining the spotlight on the craft we have curated and aiming to open up global markets to talented craft makers.

Storie is a pop up called Storie Nomade

We run pop up boutiques bringing authentic luxury, exquisite craft and handmade homewares with a story from the four corners of the globe. We are specialists in textiles, and basketry, all things woven, stories in thread. Contact us if you are interested in collaborating, or in wholesale.

Why Storie?

The story at Storie really matters; founder and buyer Fiona Cameron worked for BBC news and France 24 before she opened the boutique in Paris. Since opening Storie in 2011 she has been searching out exquisite craft, and inspiring fair trade producers. Fiona has studied Social Enterprises, with a mission to change the way we buy. She sees Storie as vitrine for craft heritage, and an important platform for small independent craft makers, as well as a podium to promote ethical and sustainable production practices.

Meet the founder

Fiona founded Storie in 2011. She worked in radio and television news beforehand, in France, UK and the USA and wanted a break from the news cycle. Around the same time a lovely shop came up for rent just below her Paris flat, that made her dream of a totally different life.

“Every object has a story. It seemed as if we should be talking a lot more about the stories behind the products we buy, and that we should be buying much more carefully. I felt that if we could make people really value a product, understand it’s story, how it is made, with what materials, by whom, and under what conditions, then they would treasure it - then they would talk about the object and share the knowledge of it’s heritage - then they wouldn’t be tempted to buy something a bit mediocre that they would fall out of love with and throw away. I love the idea of offering someone a wooden spoon, or a hand loomed throw that they are able to hand on to another generation.” Buy less and buy better. “I thought that if we did a good job selling a good thing that we could help change the way people buy : I think there is a lot of space out there for good businesses.”

Storie as a concept was a segue from one career to another, from being a journalist to a businessperson. “It felt like I could be useful, giving a vitrine to craft heritage, helping other small businesses, and crafts people around the world”.

Her family have always travelled, and as a child she grew up on 3 different continents, with roots across the globe. She is passionate about textiles, weaving of any kind, and is always searching for texture and colour.

For Fiona handmade, is increasingly important at a moment when so much is homogenised, “there is something deeply comforting when we sense a human touch in any object. “ In a world where we are becoming more and more aware of the importance of sustainability, handmade goods will become increasingly prized. Sustainability is key for the Storie selection.”

Fiona believes that culture and art are at the heart of our society, “especially when times are difficult. Being touched by the beauty of something, something created by another human being, reminds us of how ingenious and inspired we can be.”